Gluten-Free Mobile Apps: 5 Apps You Should Know About

gluten free mobile apps

When you’re on the go, it’s crucial to have several gluten-free solutions on hand. Assuming you’ve already got your bag stocked with Gluten Free Bars for a mid-day pick me up; your next challenge is finding gluten-free restaurants no matter where the day takes you. The solution is simpler than you think: your Smart Phone or tablet can double as a gluten-free almanac when you download the right apps. If you’re not a mobile user, we’ll let you know which apps have an equally helpful website, so that you can study up before you head out for the day. Armed with verified information on gluten-free businesses, products, and groceries, you’ll be able to go anywhere and everywhere, while staying happily gluten-free.

Find Me Gluten-Free Mobile app (free), site, iphone app, android app
This app is a must-have for anyone on a gluten-free diet. Whether you’re in a new town or looking for GF-friendly businesses in your area, this app locates and reviews them; displaying menus, ratings, and allows you to call right through the app. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, this app will be your go-to guide for locating safe, delicious meals no matter where your day takes you. Even better: they’re launching a Recipes and Products feature in beta right now. Download the app for free and let us know what you think.

The Gluten Free Food List Mobile site (free), site (mobile friendly)
The GFB’s very own brainchild, the Gluten Free Food List is a comprehensive search engine of thoroughly investigated products and their gluten-free confidence score. Search the Food List for detailed feedback on the gluten status of hundreds of popular brands, products, and drinks – you can even submit your own request for a food review. The GFB Food List is mobile friendly and easy to pull up on your Smart Phone for quick reference.

Gluten-Free Checklist Mobile app ($2.99), iphone app, android app
The Gluten-Free Checklist is a great one-stop shop for all things gluten-free. Especially helpful for parents, the app features five creative and healthy gluten-free recipes each week, a Health Checklist with medical news and resources, reviews of the best gluten-free products, and much more. The Gluten-free Checklist covers every aspect of the gluten-free lifestyle, from day to day meal prep to larger questions on symptom treatment and new developments in treatment. Check out their full website to access some of the same resources from home.  

Is That Gluten Free? Mobile app ($7.99), iphone app
The company Midlife Crisis Apps, founded in 2009, created the “Is That Gluten Free?” app to help parents and individuals become smarter gluten-free shoppers. The app focuses on groceries, and allows you to scroll through an alphabetized and indexed list of products and brands, so that you can quickly review products on your phone even while you’re shopping. The company also launched a second app called “Is That Gluten Free? Eating Out” ($3.99), focused on 26 popular food chains around the country and their gluten-free options.   What are your go-to gluten-free apps and sites? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

GF Magazine Mobile site (free), site
While not a mobile app, the GF Magazine is a free digital magazine delivered straight to your phone or tablet once a month. The magazine’s content is designed to provide tips, recipes, podcasts, and information for people on a gluten-free diet. You can also sign up for their weekly email newsletter, which delivers content to make the gluten-free lifestyle a little easier.  

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