6 Must-See Gluten-Free Restaurants for Your Summer Road Trip

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6 Must-See Gluten-Free Restaurants for Your Summer Road Trip

Road trip season is upon us. It’s time to pack your bags, load up the car with (gluten-free!) snacks, and hit that open road. Wherever your summer travels take you, there is likely a gluten-free oasis just waiting to be discovered. As the service industry expands to meet the demands of the growing gluten-free market, more and more creative, delicious, and dedicated gluten-free restaurants are popping up across the country. We here at The GFB have been debating which GF restaurants should make this list and have narrowed it down to the following six. Any of these would make a great pit stop on your summer vacation, but we know there are so many others out there we don’t know about, so please share your favorite gluten-free restaurants in the comments section below.

1.  Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery   New York, New York and Dallas, Texas

Gluten-free bakeries are arguably the most popular of the dedicated gluten-free establishments available today, but Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery is among the most beloved in the country. With a location in both Dallas and New York, this dedicated bakery features top-notch frozen cookie dough balls, paninis, cupcakes, muffins, and special-order cakes. Tu-Lu’s visitors are quick to share raving reviews across social media, and any GF tourists in New York or Dallas should put Tu-Lu’s Bakery on their short list. Keep up with them on Facebook for mouth-watering updates on the cupcake of the day and their newest GF creations.

 2. Rose’s Café and Bakery  Chicago, Illinois

If you’re gluten-free and in Chicago, you’ll encounter many GF options and separate menus at restaurants across the city. With their dedicated kitchen and creative menu, Rose’s Café and Barkery tops our list as a can’t-miss destination on your trip to Chicago. Rose’s boasts a healthy, great-tasting menu for people with all sorts of dietary restrictions, and their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus all offer a variety of delicious organic options. Rose’s also has a variety of freshly baked pastries and baked goods, guaranteeing that you’ll leave with a carry-on full of GF croissants, French bread, and their famed Chocolate Insanity Cake.

3. Stadium Market   Ann Arbor, Michigan

Stadium Market’s gluten-free pizza is one of Ann Arbor’s best-kept secrets. Stadium Market, a small liquor store near the University of Michigan Stadium, is home to one of the most indulgent gluten-free pizzas around. Although it is not a dedicated kitchen, the cooks take every precaution to keep the gluten-free pizzas free from cross-contamination – and with its thick and seasoned crust, you’ll hardly believe it’s gluten-free. Place your carry-out order about an hour ahead of time, and grab some gluten-free beer when you pick up your pizza. The market also offers gluten-free sandwiches and a variety of gluten-free groceries, so it’s your one-stop shop when you’re visiting Ann Arbor this summer.

4. Asian Box   California (Various locations)

With five locations across California, Asian Box offers up authentic Vietnamese street food that is naturally gluten-free. Save your barrage of questions about soy sauce and noodles for another trip – everything on the menu is gluten-free, made of fresh ingredients, and totally affordable. Stop by Asian Box for a fast-casual, locally-sourced quality meal to add some bold flavors to your California road trip.

5. Maui Brick Oven   Kihei, Hawaii

If you’ve got Hawaii on your summer bucket list, we’re already jealous. Every gluten-free foodie should stop by Maui Brick Oven for one of their signature handmade pizzas and enjoy a completely gluten-free menu and dedicated kitchen. Hawaii is paradise, and so is Maui Brick Oven. The business is family owned, and since they have Celiac Disease in the family, you can trust your meal comes from a family who truly cares about your health, happiness, and pizza.

6. Harvester Brewing   Portland, Oregon

Portland is notoriously known as a gluten-free haven. Visit Portland and you’ll find more dedicated gluten-free kitchens, bakeries, and grocery options than in most U.S. cities; so if you’re planning a road trip this summer, get yourself to Portland. Harvester Brewing is a must-see for beer lovers, as it is home to one of the best gluten-free beers in the country. All of their handcrafted beer is brewed in a dedicated kitchen, and visit the Gastropub next door to grab a beer with friends and order from a delicious, 100% gluten-free food menu. Since Harvester beers are currently only distributed in four states, the Brewery is a staple for your next trip to Portland.

We’ve shared six new gluten-free destinations for your American Road Trip bucket list, now it’s your turn. What are your favorite gluten-free restaurants across the United States? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Mary

    this is an awesome list! i highly recommend the flying apron bakery in seattle as well. so delish!

  • Amanda

    Razzi’s in Seattle! Best GF pizza!!! Huge GF menu! Love!

  • TurtleSalute

    Lydia’s Express in Sebastopol, CA and The Sunshine Cafe in Petaluma. Both are owned and operated by Lydia Kindheart of Lydia’s Organics. Everything they serve is not only gluten-free but vegan and organic. And, did I mention delicious?!

  • Diane

    Check out Posana in Asheville, NC. It is fabulous. Food creative and delicious. Service wonderful. Located in the heart of Asheville.

  • Jeff

    Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen. With five locations – Flagstaff, Sedona, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ – and an all gluten-free menu (ok… it’s not completely gluten-fee, 2 items on the menu contain gluten), sightseeing never tasted so good!

  • Shannon

    There is a bakery in Alexandria VA called the Happy Tart. Amazing treats and the owners have Celiacs so they are very aware! Many of the local restaurants are Gluten Free friendly or use the Happy Tart GF bread. The owners can give many recommendations as far as contamination too.

  • Ingrid

    I love Five Guys! They don’t have a freezer, so you know the food is fresh. I can have their fries because they use peanut oil for frying them. If you have a peanut allergy, they say that the way the oil is processed, you can still have it. Of course, I would be cautious.

    • theglutenfreebar

      We love Five Guys too! Thanks for the comment.

  • Gabrielle

    Paisano’s in Albuquerque, NM has AMAZING, safe, gluten free, fantastically delicious Italian food. Every time I go, I simply must order their gluten free calamari and their tiramisu. SO GOOD. Plus it’s not far off Historic Route 66, so it’s a perfect road trip stop.

  • Cyber Terrapin

    Original Fingers, Marion, Illinois. It is a little shop with GF wraps. My eyes are filling with tears as I think of the ‘fruit and nut’. This place is beyond belief for its friendly staff and delicious food.

  • Our pizza is rated #1 in the U.S.

    • theglutenfreebar

      How did we miss this??? And a fellow Michigan company no less. We’re based in Grand Rapids so will stop by next time we are nearby to sample firsthand. Thanks for letting us know!

  • R.M.

    Bam Bam Bakery in Portland, Maine is fantastic and 100% gluten-free. Also, Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico is my favorite restaurant! It’s Ayurvedic food (sort of like Indian) and almost every item on the menu is gluten-free. They are VERY aware of allergies and do their utmost to not cross-contaminate. I am extremely sensitive to gluten (celiac) and have always felt great after eating there. Their Cardamom Pancakes are to die for!!! Do yourself a favor, if you look them up online, don’t look at their menu while hungry!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment – these are great suggestions!

  • James Fishler

    Blue Moon Pizza in Fort Myers Florida (more locations in Georgia) is amazing. Pick a kind of pizza and they can make it GF and even dairy free too! My kids love the BBQ Chicken Pizza the best but there are so many good ones its hard for me to choose.

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