Is Champagne Gluten-Free?

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In 99% of cases, Champagne is gluten-free. There may be a rare occasion where cross-contamination could occur with barrels sealed with wheat paste. More and more champagne producers are aware of these sensitivities and are changing their practices. If there’s a brand out there you really like, definitely contact the manufacturer to confirm if their champagne is gluten-free.

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  • Cynthia Zabbat

    Sparkling wine is defined as table wine that contains high amounts of dissolved CO2 that bubbles effusively when poured into a glass. To use the Sparkling Wine (or Champagne) name legally, the carbonation must arise in the wine from natural yeast fermentation. It cannot be artificially carbonated!
    Containing Yeast, champagne and sparkling wines ARE NOT gluten free! true???

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Cynthia. Thanks for the comment. There are several different types of yeast. Brewer’s yeast results from beer production and is many times contaminated with barley. Other types of yeast (such as champagne yeast) do not contain gluten. Hope that helps.

      • Cynthia Zabbat

        Thank you for the info. Interesting although champagne and sparkling wine are not digestible for me. It might be for something else cos I drink wine on a daily basis and I have no problem with wine… only with sparkling wines.

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