Is Jameson Gluten-Free?

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We wish there was a perfect answer to this question, but unfortunately there is no clear cut answer. Jameson’s website states that their whiskey is gluten-free due to their distillation process, but people with high gluten sensitivity have been know to have a reaction to whiskey even after this process. If you are living gluten-free, we strongly recommend you use caution when consuming Jameson and advise you drink potato vodka, rum or tequila instead.

  • FabFiveFreddy5

    Is Jameson’s made from Barely?

  • Diana Lynne

    It doesn’t bother me and I’m gluten intolerant. It’s made from barley which contains gluten. Their distillation process must remove about 98% or more

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment Diana – good to know!

      • Angelbug


  • Mitchy_Chick

    Wish I had read this sooner. Jamison last night = massive pain this morning. I feel poisoned. And I only drank a little. Never again.

    • theglutenfreebar

      So sorry you experienced this! Unfortunately we know the feeling as well. Hope your week gets better!

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