Is Maker’s Mark Whiskey Gluten-Free?

glutenfreechart5 Gluten-Free Confidence Score: 5/10

Maker’s Mark Whiskey is most likely not gluten-free. Maker’s Mark claims to use winter wheat, corn and barley in their mash but the distillation process the whiskey undergoes technically removes all gluten content. There are limited reports of people intolerant to gluten feeling symptoms of contamination, making Maker’s Mark a difficult one to nail down. We recommend proceeding as you feel most comfortable. Please read the ingredient and nutrition label carefully. Need help in understanding what to look for on those labels? We have a guide - check it out!

  • Jeff Bessire

    I have what is called Selective IGA deficiency which takes away the ability of my intestines to process gluten and lactose. Knowing this is different from celiacs, I know my tolerance is at a different level than many others. I have had Maker’s Mark numerous times and have had no problem. It does not mean this is fine for all, but it might help some.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Jeff – thank you for sharing your experience – much appreciated!!

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