Is Vodka Gluten-Free?

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There is some controversy as to whether or not vodka is gluten-free.

Scientists might say that the distillation process removes gluten proteins from wheat-based vodka, but many people report feeling the effects of gluten contamination after consuming wheat-based vodka (they claim it’s not just the hangover). We’re not in the position to say 100% either way, but if you are sensitive to gluten you can just make this easy and drink a vodka that is not made from wheat. Smirnoff (which is distilled from corn) is an easy and inexpensive option. We also really love Tito’s vodka from Austin, TX (also distilled from corn). Potato-based vodkas (Chopin, for example) are also a safe choice. Also, we’ve heard form one of our readers that Devotion vodka tastes great and is marketed as gluten-free.

  • jesse

    Yes – I have had several reactions to alcohol that is distilled and should be “safe” for celiacs. I generally get pretty immediate reactions to being glutened and I cannot handle any alcohol that is wheat based but has been distilled without taking a sip and being in the bathroom in less than 5 minutes.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment Jesse. So, which brands have you had the most luck with?

  • Emily Porges

    I react to Absolut and safely drink Luksosawa (a potato vodka). Luksosawa is a highly rated and reasonably priced vodka.

  • Ariako Ishikawa

    It’s possible that if you have a problem with vodka that you don’t have a gluten problem as much as a wheat allergy. It’s similar, but in such a case the effects are usually more pronounced, and you can still eat glutens made from other substances safely. I only know about it because I’ve been allergic to wheat my whole life, and have had a huge problem with the majority of booze because many companies like to use wheat based alcohol as a ‘cut’. (big offenders here include Jose Cuervo, Bacardi, and many others)

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