Are Nature Valley Granola Bars Gluten Free?

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There are some varieties of Nature Valley Granola Bars that are gluten-free. As of this writing (August 2016) the following flavors of Nature Valley bars are gluten-free (as claimed on the Nature Valley website).

  • Almond Dark Chocolate Nut Crisp Bars
  • Salted Caramel Peanut Nut Crisp Bars
  • Peanut Crunch Roasted Nut Crunch Bars
  • Almond Crunch Roasted Nut Crunch Bars
  • Almond Cashew Sea Salt Simple Nut Bars
  • Roasted Peanut Honey Simple Nut Bars
  • Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Bars
  • Peanut Almond Dark Chocolate Protein Bars
  • Coconut Almond Protein Bars
  • Salted Caramel Nut Protein Bars


  • erin

    I believe the Nature Valley Protein bars are now GF & I have read in some parts of the country they are labeled as such, however I live outside of Boston Massachusetts and they are NOT labeled gluten free. I personally would not chance it- just thought I would put it out there for others who may not be as sensitive to gluten as I am!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Erin – thanks for the comment. We have not heard of General Mills labeling these as gluten-free. If someone has that info, please weigh in.

      • Sandra Graham

        I have seen the Almond Nature Valley Bars now being labeled as Gluten Free. I am hoping they are moving toward safe gluten free practices because it would be great to have more food options in the granola bar section!

        • Guest

          Nature Vally just came out with a line of granola bars called Roasted Nut Crunch that are GLUTEN-FREE. They come in two flavors: Almond and Peanut.

      • Sarah M Osier

        Nature Valley just come out with a new line of granola bars called Roasted Nut Crunch Bars that ARE gluten-free. They come in two flavors: Almond and Peanut.

        • MaryMac

          I read the ingredients on the Peanut one as to have gluten in them … the almond ones are specifically marked ‘GLUTEN FREE’ on the box

      • Raymond Annette

        My husband loves the roasted Nut Crunch Almond granola bars. Much more tasty than most of the specifically gluten free bars!

  • kerri

    I have been sick on ones I thought were gluten free from the ingredient list. I agree with thier recommendation to avoid them. But then again I’m super sensitive.

  • IslandBreeze

    Of course, since YOU sell granola bars, you’re going to say that the Nature Valley Granola Bars are not gluten free. However, I am staring at my box right now, and besides the GLUTEN FREE sign on the front, the ingredients do NOT include oats. It’s one thing to promote your products, it’s another to lie about another company’s product. Perhaps you are talking about the regular ones, the ones that are NOT gluten free, but then you should be saying that… I won’t be buying your products because of this.

    • theglutenfreebar

      IslandBreeze – thank you for the comments. This information is meant to serve as a resource using the best information we have available. We would never intentionally lie about a company’s products to steer people towards our own. The Nature Valley bar situation is complicated (many flavors, constantly changing labeling) so we have updated this article to better reflect that (and yes, this article was referencing the “original” flavor). Thanks again for writing in and apologies for the confusion.

    • sara

      IslandBreeze, the Nature Valley GRANOLA bars are not gluten free. Only the Protein and Nut bars are. You have been poisoning yourself if you are eating the granola bars from Nature Valley

      • Jennifer Duffey

        I can’t eat them unless they state GF. Cross-contamination makes me extremely ill alone the skin rashes that take months and months to go away

  • Loni Banes

    Wow!!! Emotions run high here huh? As I’m new to having to eat gluten free….my nutirtionist gave me a few pointers when looking for gluten free food. #1 don’t clean out your cupboards (unless you ABSOLUTELY have too), when you need to replace something….do it with gluten free. #2 read labels. Don’t eat anything with Wheat, Barley or Rye in the ingrediants. In any form. #3 Focus on what you CAN have, not what you can’t. As I happed to love Nature Valley granola bars, I went on to their site and looked at all the ingrediants lables and found what I could eat as follow pointer #2: Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars; Protein Crunch Bars; Rasted Nut Crunch Bars; Greek Yogurt Protein Bars and Crunchy Granola Bars. 5 out of 12 items looked to fall within the safe zone. My advise (new as it is) save the emotions for the important things and read lables. You’ll adjust as you need to for your body and it feels. Good luck!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comments Loni! That’s great advice. What you can/can’t eat is always going to depend on your level of sensitivity. For highly sensitive people, they may not be willing to eat anything that is not certified GF even if the labels say the food has no gluten ingredients.

  • Kim

    I have gluten sensitivity, I do eat Nature Valley Bars. My gluten issues seem to arise when I eat too much gluten. My symptoms are body pains, clumsiness, headaches, ears ringing, and fatigue. I tend to be fine with oats, even if they are not certified gluten free so I still eat Nature Valley Bars. I wish they would take the step to certify gluten free. Luna Bars did!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment Kim!

  • Nancy

    I have not been able to find Nature Valley gluten free roasted nut crunch on shelves in the last few weeks. Is there a supply problem or something amiss with the bars?

  • Aaron Leigh Horton

    Thank you for the one-sheet! Very helpful to the newbies here, like me!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment – glad you found it useful!

  • sara

    The Nature Valley GRANOLA bars are NOT gluten free, they do not have a gluten free label on them and contain oats that are not designated gluten free. However, there are some Nature Valley bars that are gluten free, but they are not the granola ones. the Nature Valley NUT and PROTEIN bars are gluten free, do not contain oats, and have a gluten free label.

  • Saddlebum

    Some of Nature Valley’s stuff is reported to be, and labeled as gluten free. But I don’t trust any outfit that processes stuff with gluten in it in the same facility and with the same machinery. CROSS CONTAMINATION !!! I’ve been poisoned too many times. I hated to give up the Trail Mix Bars.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment and you make a great point about cross-contamination and the need to be very careful. FYI: the company behind this blog makes some pretty awesome GF snacks that are made in their own certified gluten-free faciliy. Use code “certifiedGF” for 15% off your order at

  • Caroline

    For those who have celiac disease, the Nature Valley bars are not safe to eat. Although they are labeled “gluten-free,” they contain Whey- a byproduct of wheat.

    • Patty

      Whey is not a product of wheat, whey is milk protein.

    • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

      Duh. Whey is a bi product of milk not wheat.

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