Is Kombucha Gluten-Free?

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Yes, Kombucha Tea is gluten-free! While at the time of this writing there are no reports of commercially available Kombucha Tea containing gluten, but it never hurts to read the labels to make sure there are no gluten-containing additives in whatever brand of tea you are considering.

  • kathy

    I’m making a gluten free meal for a dear friend. I’ve done some research search. Do I need to sanitize my counter top to lay my brand-new spatulas on?

  • gmdavis

    My wife was with her Russian friend and picked up two different brands of Kombucha to try. Both contained barley malt and one contained wheat. I’m new to Kombucha so maybe this is different from tea.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi GM – this is interesting…do you happen to have a brand name so we can do some further investigation. I had not heard about gluten in kombucha but would love to look into this some more Thanks for the comment!

      • gmdavis

        This was a one time purchase at some local ethnic grocers. Sorry I don’t have the brand names. But it was definitely there in the ingredients. I know most Kombucha is tea but not always. Be sure and check the label. As you know, manufacturers throw gluten in normally gluten free foods for frivolous reasons like color or texture.

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