Are Jolly Ranchers Gluten-Free?

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The ingredients in a Jolly Rancher seem to indicate that they are gluten-free, but interestingly, the parent company of Jolly Rancher (Hershey) does not list it in their gluten-free product list. Also, if you read the comments on this post (see below) there are a few people who feel strongly that Jolly Ranchers are NOT gluten-free. Purely speculation, but perhaps there are some cross-contamination issues with the processing/packaging of Jolly Ranchers.

  • Ayhem

    Jolly rancher are gluten free

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  • Philosaurus WR-Rex

    Jolly Ranchers ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE, I repeater ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE, I just ate two of them yesterday and I most definitely had a negative reaction to them today, with all of the usual symptoms.

  • Jackie

    so if I give my friend jolly ranchers, and shes allergic to Gluten, will she be ok?

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Jackie – while there is nothing that jumps out that says that jolly ranchers have gluten, there is also nothing that strongly suggests that they are gluten-free. Probably best to avoid giving them to your friend.

  • Li Roper

    I just called Hershey and they are gluten free. Just as with all Hershey’s products they list any gluten ingredients on the lable. The reason they are not on the GF list is because they have not gone through the GF testing certifying GF.

  • ME


    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comment. Very interesting. There is a huge disparity in feelings here. I updated the post to reflect this. Thank again.

  • L. Dezale S.

    I think they are cross contaminated. I ate a few yesterday and found out. 🙁 I hope they make the changes needed to add it to the list.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for sharing your experience…

  • Erin Lopez

    I had done what I thought was enough research and concluded that they were gluten free. I had a reaction yesterday, though, and they are the likely culprit being the only thing I ate that wasn’t labeled GF. My personal rule that I usually follow is that if a company labels some of their products, (ex. Hershey’s labels their chocolate bars) but don’t label others, the unlabeled products are not safe fro me to eat. I dearly wish I had followed this rule yesterday 🙁

    • theglutenfreebar

      Unfortunately we’re hearing your story from others as well, Erin. Thanks for letting us know.

  • CJ

    If you have celiac, DO NOT, I’m going through it today because I had one green apple jolly rancher last night, 100% this was the culprit

    • theglutenfreebar

      Sorry this happened, CJ, but thanks for sharing your experience so others can benefit from it. Be well.

  • Juniper Washington

    I don’t care that the label doesn’t have any gluten free ingredients listed. Jolly Ranchers are NOT gluten free. I found out the hard way when I ate 20 of these, and ended up sick, in bed, with a migraine headache, nausea, diarrhea and an itchy rash. I think it’s hidden under the Natural Flavors moniker. Avoid these if you are sensitive to gluten and don’t want to end up sick and wasting an entire day in bed.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Sounds like a pretty solid NOT gluten-free from you as well, Juniper. Sorry this happened, but thanks for sharing with our community!

  • William Heflin

    I just had one on the way home with the kids, wasn’t even thinking after reading the ingredients. It has been so long since i have felt this way. Got in the door and started getting ready to make dinner and started feeling the gut pangs and bloating……long night ahead from one little flippen candy 🙁

    • theglutenfreebar

      Sadly this has happened to a lot of us William. Chalk it up to learning, right? Hang in there!

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