Are Lindt Lindor Chocolates and Truffles Gluten Free?

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The website for Lindt Lindor Truffles states that several products (including their Truffles and some seasonal items) contain cereal or barley ingredients. So, Lindor Truffles and Chocolates are not gluten free. Lindor does note that some of their other products are gluten free, but keep in mind that those products are run on cleaned productions lines (which are shared production lines) so there is still a chance of cross contamination even with those other products.

  • Kat ACMilanista

    I can’t find a date when this was written but at the Lindt store I was told the white chocolate ones in the light blue bag were gluten free (i read the Ingredients and no barley malts or any other hidden gluten) and I believe a mint one but can’t remember exactly which one. However I’m sure they contain traces of gluten but if you’re ok with traces as I am, the white chocolate ones are ok.

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