Are PayDay Bars Gluten-Free?

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PayDay candy bars have no gluten ingredients on the label, and furthermore, The Hershey Company does list PayDay bars on their gluten-free products page. While Payday candy bars are not certified gluten-free, they are considered safe to eat.

  • Vicki

    Check your facts…The Hershey Company lists all Payday candy as Gluten-Free on their gluten free products page!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks Vicki – Hershey’s updated their list since we posted this article. The page has been updated based on this information.

  • Philosaurus WR-Rex

    I will not eat this product anymore, not worth the risk. Lastnight I had
    a payday candy bar, as this was one of the only snacks I could actually
    have.. Well thats what I thought. Last night on my lunch break I had a
    payday bar and maybe about 30 min later I starteded having symptoms of
    gluten contamination. Depending on how bad the flare up is I can
    determine how much gluten was in the product.. this was one of the worst
    flare ups I have had in over six months, beware.

  • Linda F

    Just ate one they now have gluten free on the back took a picture ……yay for me!!!!

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