Are Twizzlers Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Confidence Score: 0/10

No. All flavors of Twizzlers contain wheat, which makes them not gluten-free.

  • gr8thorses930


    • theglutenfreebar

      I know!! Bummer, right?

  • Sarah Mae Morrison


  • Kyle Lee Hoyt

    Love that I’m sitting here chewing on one right now… Rough night ahead. :/

    • theglutenfreebar

      Ouch, well, at least now you know…

      • Kyle Lee Hoyt

        Yes, and for that I thank you. lol

  • Suckit


  • Jake


    • theglutenfreebar

      Bummer, right?

  • Sammy Wammy

    I think I am going to die!!! I live on Twizzlers in the summer during the long tournament days!!! AHHHH

    • theglutenfreebar

      Twizzlers seem to be one of the products that GF people really miss… someone should make a GF version. Maybe it already exists?

  • Beau Bernis

    no wonder I feel so bad right now

  • Christina Favino


  • Terryl

    ARGH! I had a mouthful of Twizzler when I googled.. guess I should learn to google first.

  • Fern

    Don’t u read the labels….I miss them too. Diagnosed in 2006.

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