Is a Rolo Gluten-Free?

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While they are not certified gluten-free, The Hershey Company does list Rolo on their list of gluten-free products so it should be safe to eat.  PLEASE NOTE that this does not include Rolo Mini’s (which should be considered not gluten-free).

  • tim

    this is not true. it is on the gluten free menu

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks Tim – Hershey’s updated their GF food list since this article was written. We just updated this listing.

  • amanda

    How come the minis aren’t gluten free? My research has shown that glucose syrup, even the kind derived from wheat, is gluten free because it is so purified. Just curious because I bought them without reading the label which was a mistake.

    • theglutenfreebar

      That’s a great question. It seems that their nutrition label says: “Glucose Syrup (Wheat)” so perhaps they are using some kind of less refined glucose syrup? It’s really a tough one to figure out…

  • theglutenfreebar

    Thanks for the comment Kyle – we had indicated that in our food review of Rolos. Consumers must stay vigilant in researching different products – hopefully our food review listing help.

  • Jim Jimjim

    Isn’t that the archangel Moron(i)?

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