Is Kraft BBQ Sauce Gluten Free?

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You’ll be happy to know that there are currently 20 varieties of Kraft BBQ sauce, and all of them are gluten-free. The vinegar that is used in their barbecue sauces is distilled vinegar, and Kraft as well as their ingredient suppliers has verified that this vinegar is gluten-free.

  • Pauline Kendrick

    am so pleased love this x

  • Martha Allmond Woodland

    open pit original gluten free ?????

  • Jessica

    Unfortunately, this is not completely true. Kraft uses “modified food starch” which is a major red-flag for all gluten intolerance individuals. Most companies use this & therefore should be avoided. Hunts is the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t use any of the more secretive gluten ingredients (another rather expensive brand uses Maltodextrin = malt = gluten, and another uses Worcestershire which is not gluten free). So, be careful. I’ve resorted to making my own bbq sauce from scratch from the Wheat Belly cookbook. Pretty good, but I tweaked the recipe to include liquid smoke for that hickory flavor.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Jessica. Thanks for the comments. My understanding is that “modified food starch” is usually gluten-free unless made from wheat and then it would be called “modified wheat starch”. Check out this article on Also, Kraft has a well known policy to list any possible gluten ingredients and I can’t imagine they would totally miss this. What do you think? BTW, I do agree that making your own BBQ sauce is an awesome idea!!

      • Lucy Ryan

        I agree with you are dietician told us that if our daughter really liked something that had modified ingredients to contact the company to see if it is contaminated with gluten. Which I did with kraft and they said there was no gluten. We have let her eat this and she is fine. She has celiac we know it is fine because we know within hours if she has consumed any tiny bit of gluten. Her stomach is upset for days. We would not take a chance with our only child.

        • theglutenfreebar

          Thanks for the insightful comment Lucy!

      • Ashlyn

        This is true. There was a law passed back in 2004 requiring that companies list wheat ingredients if there are any like modified wheat starch.

  • Brigid

    Unfortunately, while going through the bottles at the store, most of them also contained caramel colouring, something that celiacs are to stay completely away from. Which of your sauces does not contain caramel colouring?

    • Ted

      Brigid, once again that is a myth…Caramel coloring and caramel flavoring are two different things… The flavoring is to be avoided, the coloring is “usually gluten free”. But as always, you have to investigate yourselves.

  • Ted

    Modified food starch is NOT always gluten free. THAT IS A MYTH! It does not have to say “modified wheat starch” with wheat as the main thickener ingredient. Many large national brands (jimmy dean for one) purposely do not list many of their products as “GLUTEN FREE” because they use ingredients produced by other companies and do not bother to check and see if those products (additives) are totally gluten free. You have to read and investigate yourselves.

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