Is Velveeta Gluten-Free?

glutenfreechart9 Gluten-Free Confidence Score: 9/10

Kraft (the company that makes Velveeta) has a trusted policy to disclose any allergens on their nutrition label and there are no warning that indicate that Velveeta cheese contains any gluten ingredients. Furthermore, the gluten-free and celiac community is in agreement that Velveeta should be considered gluten-free. Since Velveeta is not certified Gluten-Free we cannot give it a perfect 10/10, but unless something changes, you can consider it gluten-free.

[Updated March 2016]

  • Saddlebum

    Blah, blah, blah.
    It contains “modified food starch”. Without specifying what kind of mfs, we are taking a chance that they may use wheat starch at some point. Like when wheat starch happens to be cheaper than corn starch on the market. I have been poisoned this way before. If Kraft is so great about this stuff like everyone brags about, then why don’t they say what kind of starch they use? I messed up and bought a small chunk of Velveeta without thinking to read the label first. I will eat this hoping not to get sick and then I’m done with it.

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