Is Kirkland Canned Chicken Breast Gluten Free?

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Yes, Kirkland canned chicken breast is gluten-free. It is not certified gluten-free but does not contain any gluten ingredients and is considered safe to eat.

  • Lee Stembrite

    My can of Kirklands Chicken Breast lists Modified Food Starch as an ingredient–and does not specify that the food starch is made from corn. That makes me suspect that it is NOT gluten-free, and not safe to eat. I am looking for a company contact number to find out what it is made from.

    • Hi Lee – did you ever get an answer about whether the canned chicken is gluten free? I am planning to make a chicken dip for my celiac daughter when she visits next week, and I need to know. Thanks!

    • IrRationalOne

      In the US, if modified food starch is made with wheat, it must be declared.

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