Are Yogurt Covered Raisins Gluten-Free?

glutenfreechart3 Gluten-Free Confidence Score: 3/10

This is a tough product to rate. Yogurt is naturally gluten-free and raisins are naturally gluten-free, but many times additives are used to to adhere the yogurt to the raisin and those have a good chance of containing gluten. Please be careful with this product and read the ingredient list carefully. Trader Joe’s yogurt covered pretzels do say gluten-free on the label, and we have not found any contamination reports in our research, but they are manufactured on shared equipment (with wheat). Please respond in the comments section below with your experience with yogurt covered raisins and/or any brands you may be aware of that are gluten-free.

  • Janice

    I’ve tried some yogurt covered raisins from a candy machine thinking they should be ok. I was really sick after eating them. This is definately something that should be avoided.

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