Is Jell-O Pudding Gluten Free?

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Jell-O Pudding is “considered” gluten-free. To the best of our knowledge there are currently no varities of Jell-O pudding that contain gluten (but of course things can always change).

Kraft, the maker of Jell-O pudding is known for being very reliable in listing any gluten-containing ingredients on their labels as well as declaring (as the FDA requires) that a product contains wheat (note that other grains do contain gluten such as barley, rye, and possibly oats).

Even though it is likely that Jell-O pudding is gluten-free, it never hurts to read the label carefully. Need help in understanding what to look for on those labels? We have a guide - check it out!

[Updated: February 2016]

  • gigglydude

    You are incorrect I spoke to Kraft today tjey stated ALL their artificial flavors and colorings have gluten. So basically any product they sell

    • theglutenfreebar

      We would have to agree with Elizby – Kraft does have a strict gluten labeling policy and we have never heard of people having an issue with Jell-O pudding. Is there any way you can get this information in writing?

    • Carol

      Kraft told me about their policy. When I called about Jelly pudding they told me it has gluten. Also happened with another Kraft product. I no longer havethe same level of trust. If they are proud of it being gluten free, why not put it on the label where they are legally responsible?

  • Elizby

    Are you sure that you spoke to a Kraft representative? Kraft’s disclosure policy has been long-standing. I am a pretty sensitive celiac and I have never had a problem with pudding cups.

  • Shelly Morgan

    I was wondering this as well. I have been doing the Herbalife diet using Herbalife allergy free mix but not using the protein powder since it has milk and wheat. But the recipes I have call for all the different flavors of Jello-O pudding mix to make the different flavored shakes. For some reason just the last 3 days I have been so very sick. It was right after I used the Pumpkin Pie Pudding mix so I have to say there is something in that one that is really bothering my insides ;(

    • Stephgiff

      I had some of their lemon pudding last night. I am so sick today.

  • pat

    I have a recipe that calls for Vanilla Instant Pudding. I need to know if it is gluten free before I use the gluten free flour that was very expensive.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Pat – you should be ok. Kraft has a good reputation for claiming any gluten ingredients and posting any applicable warnings (and there are none of those listed on the vanilla instant pudding package).

    • GG

      Do not use the vanilla instant pudding. There is gluten in the artificial flavors. If it says artificial flavors in any thing there is gluten in it. You can buy pudding mixes that are Gluten Free like Simple Mixes or Better Bowls.

  • Sue

    This past year I called Kraft again because I was having some problems. They changed their supplier for 5 things, spices, flavorings, and can’t remember the rest. They can’t guarantee they are gluten free on any of them. I’m disappointed because I used to be able to trust their labeling.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks for the comments Sue. So, it seems that our article on Jell-O is still accurate. Comment back f you feel differently.

  • Mary Ward

    I have had reactions every time I eat Jello pudding, instant and cook to serve types.

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