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  • jason

    How can I get the coupon code “certifiedGF”?

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Jason

      Sorry for any confusion, but “certifiedGF” is the actual coupon code and you can enter it when you are on the payment details page during the checkout process to get 15% off your order.

      • Kathy Long Monk

        How do I go about getting 15% off my shopping list with the certified GF lable on the product with online shopping ” thank you. 🙂

        • theglutenfreebar

          Hi Kathy – go to and during the checkout process you will see an area to enter a coupon code – that is where you would enter the code “certifiedGF” and the 15% discount will be applied.

          • Kathy Long Monk

            Thank You 🙂

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  • Guest


    • theglutenfreebar

      No problem – glad it was helpful.

  • Dawn Jones

    Very helpful blog, thanks. UK goods might differ, wish there was a similar blog for those 😀

    • theglutenfreebar

      You’re welcome Dawn. Yes, things do differ in the UK – I wish we had the resources to update with that info as well. Cheers.

  • fred

    FDA gluten free guidelines are 20 PPM.

  • amanda

    This helped alot I was just informed that wheat and gluten are weak poisons. Which explains random stomach pains and diareah

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thanks Amanda! I’m glad you found it useful!

  • @#$%

    I found your website to be super helpful, you guys rock 🙂

    • theglutenfreebar

      Thank you! Glad you found it helpful.

  • Eileen
  • Patricia Niemann

    I wish I had read your article before I bought a box of Nature valleys’s Nut Crisp, that says it’s gluten-free. However it contains barley wheat extract and unfortunately that was enough to cause some problems. The grocery store had the product in the “Gluten-Free” section of the store. Thank you for this information.

    • theglutenfreebar

      Hi Patricia – I’m sorry you had that experience but glad you found our site. Thanks for the comment!

  • luccle


  • Jacki

    Is there an app for scanning barcodes?

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