Tips n’ Treats For A Gluten-Free Halloween


Hey Elvis Fans!

We hope your October has been going great. With Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few tips n’ treats (no tricks) for everyone in your family to have a fun and safe Halloween.

1) Read and Re-Read All Food Labels: At this time of year candy production is at an all time high, so some products that are safe at other times of the year may now be processed on shared equipment and/or may contain gluten. Definitely study all labels before consuming anything. Not sure about how those labels work? We’ve got a blog post that breaks everything down so you know what to look for.

2) Still Not Sure About Which Candy to Eat? We’re Here to Help: We know that even after reading the label, there’s sometimes still not a concrete answer as to whether a food is gluten-free or not. So, what’s a person to do? Well we’ve been working hard on growing our food review list and assigning each food item a Gluten-Free Confidence Score with the idea that there may not always be a perfect answer. Here’s a link to our candy list and here’s a link to the full list. If we missed any foods you’d like us to review (especially with the holidays coming up), let us know and we’ll check it out for you! FYI: there is a food request submission tool along the right hand side of the blog and food list pages.

3) Do I Need to Worry About Gluten-Free Makeup for Halloween? Possibly. Everyone reacts to makeup to differently, but many prominent doctors who specialize in Celiac Disease have stated that the skin does not absorb gluten; only ingesting gluten can cause a reaction. What would be the biggest concern would be any lipsticks/lip wear that you or your children would wear since you or they could swallow those bits of makeup unintentionally. Stay away from cheap Halloween make up kits, and consult a proper costume shop to buy safe face/theatrical makeup if you need it. There are several gluten free lipstick brands out there, (with more appearing daily) so do definitely research and ask questions about any products before you buy them. Gluten Free Make Up Gal has a great site devoted to, you guessed it, gluten-free makeup. In fact, you can download her complete gluten-free makeup list for free!

4) Focus On Non-Food Traditions for the Holiday: It’s easy for everyone to get wrapped up in thinking about food and what food is safe to eat. While this is an important component in any holiday, the thing that really stays with people are the memories surrounding the food itself. Get your family involved in decorating the house, play a game or do a scavenger hunt, or create a new tradition. It will be these events that everyone will remember as the years go by.

You’ve now got some Halloween tips, so here’s our Halloween Treat to you: Save 15% on all GFB products until the end of the month with coupon code “GFBHalloween”.

Wishing you a fantastic Halloween,

-The GFB Team

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