Keeping (Gluten Free?) New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is here, which means 2014 resolutions are either in full swing (or are already being forgotten (but I’m sure that doesn’t apply to you)). The New Year is an opportunity to set and accomplish self improvement goals big and small – and it can be as exciting as it is daunting. Did you resolve to run a marathon this year? Get a promotion at work? Lose ten pounds? Ditch gluten for good? No matter the goal, we believe in a better you, and we’re here to help. You provide the resolutions, and we we’ll provide the tips and tricks sure to make your new habits and hobbies stick. Here’s to the New Year!

Happiness Comes First

Resolutions are all about being the best you can be, all while bringing more happiness into your life. Review your resolutions and ensure that each and every one will make for a happier you in the long run. If your resolutions don’t excite you, you’re less likely to have success and follow through. Your resolution should be something you really want for yourself, and not for others. If you set goals around your interests, aspirations, and skill-set, you’ll find yourself working harder, getting results, and enjoying the journey all the more.

Get Organized

The biggest resolutions require the smallest steps. Studies show that the most successful way to accomplish any goal is by breaking it down into small, achievable steps. Get organized by creating a schedule for yourself that clearly outlines the necessary steps to reach your ultimate goal. Be sure to set realistic goals for your lifestyle, and track your progress along the way. Each accomplished goal will up your motivation and bring you one step closer to success. Create incentives for yourself along the way with rewards related to your ultimate goal. If you’re setting fitness goals, purchase new workout gear when you hit the fifty percent mark. If you’re ditching gluten, buy a gluten free indulgence at your one month anniversary. Keeping the road to your resolution fun makes success so much sweeter.

Get Social

The old adage is true: you’ll get by with a little help from your friends. When you include friends and family in your resolution, it’ll motivate you to stick with it, and it could even motivate them to join you on the journey. Nearly every resolution has the potential to become a group activity – organize group runs, start a sports team with your friends, cook a healthy dinner for friends, or swap success stories on your blog. When it comes to resolutions, social media is your friend. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your success, recruit friends, and track your progress – this is the perfect time to start your own 2014 resolutions hashtag.

Gluten Free Resolutions

For some of us, keeping it gluten free is an implied resolution every year. For others, January 2014 marked your first attempt at mastering the gluten free lifestyle. For all of us, a few crucial tips will ensure that 2014 is your most gloriously gluten free year to date. First, resolve to ditch the old habit of “risking it” when it’s inconvenient, difficult, or even impossible to verify if a product is gluten free. When in doubt, leave it out. Your health, and your habits, will thank you for it. Even more important, resolve to make 2014 the year you learn to love your gluten free diet. Instead of treating it like a burden, get creative with your recipes, grocery shopping, and the gluten free community. Those who eat gluten free are some of the greatest chefs around, with a strong social network of innovative friends and dedicated companies, all working to make the gluten free lifestyle even more fun, safe, and healthy.

What are you doing to keep your gluten free New Year’s Resolutions? Share your resolutions, tips, and tricks with us in the comments below!

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