Gluten-Free Gift Ideas

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Gluten-Free Gift Ideas: A Guide

So, it’s the holidays (or any time of the year) and you’ve got a gluten-free friend. Or even more likely, it’s the holidays and you’re gluten-free – and everyone’s politely fishing for what to get you this year. Since this is the one time of year when it’s appropriate to list out what you want others to buy for you, we think you should capitalize on this opportunity. All year long, you put up with sub-par GF alternatives to some of your favorite foods, drinks, and activities – let’s reclaim the holidays. Looking for some inspiration on the perfect gluten-free gift? We’ve got you covered. Ask, and you shall receive.

1. Snacks (always a great gluten-free gift)

Listen, everybody loves to snack. It’s basically a staple of human nature. When you’re living gluten-free, that love of a good snack session doesn’t disappear – but your options do. Help out your GF pal and give them a hand in stocking up on GF snacks. From non-gmo, high protein gluten-free snacks *cough* we make awesome ones *cough* to tasty chips to fresh fruit, show you care by respecting their snacking side. Looking for somewhere to start? Well you’re in luck!

2. Gluten-free gift baskets and subscriptions

If there’s one thing your GF friend needs, it’s a break. Sign them up for a monthly subscription box, or treat them to a gluten-free basket full of trustworthy goodies. You’ll save them some time, money, and worry. We could all use a little more of that during the holiday season.

3. Gluten-free gift certificates

Whether it’s a generous gift card to the local market with the best GF selections or a voucher for a GF cooking class, help a GF person out by making their greatest burden a little lighter. They didn’t ask for this restriction, so why not help them combat it? By showing you understand their struggle and want to support them this holiday season, you’ll be right in line with the reason for the season.

4. A label maker

Portlandia says put a bird on it, we say put a GF on it. To each their own – but to the gluten-free, there’s nothing more important than keeping a GF item safe. Gluten-eating folks: do not touch my food, do not use my kitchenware – just stay far away. Equip your gluten-free loved ones with the power to protect their food without saying a word: buy them a label maker.

5. Swag

After a brief period of reclusive mourning, most GF folks prefer to wear their restrictions loud and proud. We’re all about raising awareness and spreading the GF good word – so why not buy that GF person in your life some swag? A simple search online for “gluten-free swag” will do the trick, but we recommend you check out the simple and sweet tees from Brit+Co, or shop from your favorite GF blogger. Already have some GF swag you love that would make a great gluten-free gift? Let us know in the comments below where we should be shopping!

6. Gluten-free booze

We don’t endorse drinking until you forget, but we’re all for drinking to remember. Get your favorite GF drinking buddy the best gluten-free beer money can buy and raise a glass to the year ahead – and don’t forgot to pour one out for the barley-filled beer they’re leaving behind. Whether you opt for New Planet or brave your way into the sketchy territory of gluten-reduced beers like Omission and Stone Delicious IPA, cheers to you and your GF libations of choice.


What tops your gluten-free wish list this holiday season? Let us know what you’re asking for and buying this year in the comments below – and be sure to check out the holiday deals and great offers on our site! Happy gluten-free holidays!

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