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The Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Guide

Want more info on Gluten-Free Halloween Candy? Check out our full listing of over 150 candies here! Just 3 short days until Halloween and while trick-or-treating is always a blast, deciphering which of your hard earned candies to eat can be tricky if

Energy Boost: Top 6 Gluten-Free Foods to Get You Through the Afternoon Slump

We all know that feeling. Eyelids drooping, difficulty concentrating and almost impossible to sit up straight. We usually reach for the coffee or the chocolate our helpful/evil coworker left in the break room. But doing this, we know, just provides

Tips n’ Treats For A Gluten-Free Halloween

Hey Elvis Fans! We hope your October has been going great. With Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few tips n’ treats (no tricks) for everyone in your family to have a fun and safe

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free on the Fourth of July

Looks like a cool 4th of July Party! (circa 1914) It’s that time of year to celebrate our Independence from Great Britain by doing what Americans do best…(over)indulging in food, drink, and merriment. Let the party begin! However, if you

The GFB: Now Available at Target!

We’re thrilled to announce that The GFB is now available in many Target stores across the country! Find your nearest Target that carries The GFB

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